Discover Nordic Splendor: A 7 Days Itinerary to Norway

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Setting foot in Norway, you'll soon understand why this nordic land has been inspiring infinite wanderlust in global explorers. Surrealist fjords, midnight sun, forcing Northern Lights - Norway is an epitome of pure and raw natural beauty. This seven-day itinerary will help you explore Norway, paving through its panoramic sites and exhilarating experiences at a comfortable pace.

Day 1 - Arrival in Oslo

Explore the capital city's abundant points of interest including the Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Fortress, and Vigeland Sculpture Park. Make sure to try some authentic Norwegian cuisine in the heart of the city.

Day 2- Bergen

Ride the Bergen Railway, famed for being one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.

Day 3- Fjord Cruise

Seeing the fjords up close is an experience that no traveller should miss, hop onto a fjord cruise from Bergen to Flaam.

Day 4 - Flaam Railway

Take a trip on the Flaam Railway for a breathtaking view of Norway's landscapes.

Day 5 - Tromso

Visit the 'Paris of the North', Tromso, where an array of cultured experiences awaits.

Day 6 - Northern Lights

The climax of your trip, chase the riveting northern lights in Tromso. Timing and weather are crucial to this quest.

Day 7 - Departure from Oslo

End your journey on a high note by shopping for some Nordic souvenirs before your flight from Oslo.
Remember, every city has its tale and every journey its own adventure. Arm yourself with this 7-day guide and set your compass towards Norway for an exploration of a lifetime.

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