The Enchanting Sights of Versailles: A Comprehensive Guide

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Château de Versailles, a masterwork of French art from the 17th century, is more than just an opulent palace. Its marble walls, mirrored halls, and intricate gardens tell a tale of extravagance and ambition soaked into the fabric of French history.

The Hall of Mirrors

Embark on a journey through 357 mirrors reflecting the grandeur of the palace. A centerpiece of Versailles, this is where, over centuries, numerous historic treaties were signed, including the Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I.

Gardens of Versailles

The lush gardens of Versailles, brimming with fambouyant flowers, statues, and fountains, cover an impressive 800 hectares of land. The mesmeric beauty of these gardens is heightened during the Musical Gardens and Fountains Show.

Grand Trianon

Experience intimate royalty at Grand Trianon - a ‘little Versailles’ designed for Louis XIV as a retreat away from the rigid etiquette of the court. Admire the pink marble structure as you stroll past the vivid flower beds, and witness the leisurely side of royal life.

The Queen's Hamlet

A picturesque rural retreat in the park of Versailles built for Marie Antoinette. Quaint thatched-roof cottages set against a bucolic lake offer a serene escape from the grandeur of the palace.

With its promise of an enchanting journey through time, Versailles is an unmissable pinnacle of French heritage and art. Remember to take a guided tour to make the most of the rich history enveloping every corner of the palace.

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